Your eyewear should make a statement
I founded Park Vision due to my passion for glasses. I don’t think I will ever tire of the new colours, fashions and shapes that are constantly being introduced. I believe that every single person can look great in glasses – it’s just a case of spending the time and patience to find that perfect pair for you

Alice wearing her new Tom Ford glasses

After all, it’s often the first thing people notice about you. That’s why Park Vision makes choosing your frames or lenses just as important as your eye examination - you will be given the time and advice you need to choose from an extensive and striking range of high fashion and designer eyewear.
The right pair of glasses for you isn’t necessarily the latest fashion trend or the pair with the “designer logo”. It is the pair that sit on your nose enhancing your features and reflecting your personality....the pair that make you feel confidant and... maybe.... just a little bit sexy! (that goes for you guys as well).
Park Vision has over 450 pairs of glasses and sunglasses to choose from. Prices range from budget to designer.

Michelle works alongside style and image consultants and fully appreciates the importance of colour and shape when choosing glasses. Michelle has also spent time in London with Tom Davies, an award winning frame designer, attending his workshops and design studio.
...and, if you can’t find the perfect frame. Right shape, wrong colour. Great front, side too bling. Gorgeous colour, looks awful. Perfect style, just doesn’t fit! We can design it for you with Park Vision and Tom Davies bespoke service.

Park Vision is the only practice in Nottingham offering the full TD Tom Davies bespoke service.
What our clients say…
Why did I drive 80 miles just for a new pair of spectacles? The answer is quite simple. Six opticians, each carrying 200 plus pairs of glasses, that’s over a thousand frames for me to look at and, do you know what, they all look the same. Every pair was a variation on a theme and NOT ONE of them was what I wanted. Yes, they are stylish and modern, yes the colours are varied and some suit me BUT they were not the pair of glasses I could see in my mind. That one special pair which would make me look amazing. The pair that had curves and angles, with a light coloured frame, that showed my eyes off to full advantage, the ones that called to me across the store.

But they are just specs! I can hear you cry. You just wear them to see better. Why are you making such a fuss?

Let me tell my tale. I am a stylist. I know how important the right colours and style are to a person. How they make us look and feel fabulous. How the right red makes us look healthy and the wrong red makes us look ill. It doesn’t stop at clothes. The right pair of glasses brings a face to life, emphasises all our best features and the wrong pair-just say (put in character who you think looks dreadful in their specs; I was thinking Brains from Thunderbirds).

I want to look fabulous. I want to see like a fighter pilot. I want clarity not lenses that look as if I have just cooked fish and chips in them. This was what I wanted and it turns out that who I needed was Michelle of Park Vision.

All those modern, fashion forward frames, all those amazing colours, all the time I needed to make my decision. I found that special pair of frames and Michelle made sure I got my fighter pilot vision with crystal clear lenses. I drove home looking at the world with new eyes. It reminded me of the day I first wore glasses (I am short sighted) how white the snow was, how sharp the bare tree branches were, how the world wasn’t actually a Monet painting.

The real testament to Michelle’s skill in helping choose frames is that, despite trying on most of the shop, the pair I took home were the pair she waved under my nose as I arrived and said these are what you want.

And you know what?
She was right.

Sue Carter
Image Consultant
As an image consultant, woman of a certain age and someone who always wants to look the best I can, the idea of a pair of spectacles made just for me appealed immediately. No more bumping into other people wearing 'my' glasses was something I couldn't afford to miss.

The cost - really, really competitive. The service - fun, inspirational and exciting. The end product - worth more than words can say in terms of comfort (they are made specifically to fit your own features) and WOW appeal. I loved them so much I bought a second pair! AND I take all my clients so they too can look unique.

But be warned, You'll need to get become accustomed to attracting amazing compliments.

Sue Donnelly
Image Consultant
I'm so used to my own face in the mirror that my first impression trying on ANY frame is usually 'no way'. Having Michelle offer a selection of frames and colours that best suited my face helped minimise the shock and we quickly settled on a 'style'. The most difficult thing was keeping a straight face for the photos! The side-by-side variations the designers put up on the the website show you just how important a millimeter here or there is to the 'look' of the frame on your face; it really matters and there's no way conventional fitting can do that.

You make your choice knowing that the your glasses will not only look great but fit PERFECTLY.

No mean feat with a face like mine...

Steve Evans
Founder, Owner and Managing Director of rekk Limited

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