School Vision studies the way children's eyes work as they read
School vision looks at the way the visual system responds to near vision tasks. When we read our eyes need to work together in “binocular harmony” and focus at a much shorter working distance. One of our eyes needs to establish the lead (dominate) and “aim” at the image, then stabilise it in order for the information to be processed. School Vision Assessment is not covered under the NHS eye test.

If there is binocular “disharmony” between the eyes or problems in establishing eye dominance the visual processing breaks down and confusion occurs;
…words jumbling or moving
…missing words....
…problems tracking across a sentence
…poor attention
…eye strain, to name but a few.
Sports vision and school vision has been strongly linked. Research demonstrates a strong correlation between the eye muscles, hand eye co-ordination and academic performance. Coloured filters and tests using specialist reading charts and diagnostic equipment have been proven to drastically help the dyslexic or dyspraxic child or even those that are finding reading and school work challenging.

School vision works with children or adults who may be finding reading or occupational work difficult. The school vision assessment re-establishes stable binocular vision, reinforces eye dominance and aims to improve all aspects of learning.

Michelle is one of the few certified School Vision Optometrists in the country. For more information on a school vision assessment please email or call Michelle at Park Vision.
Cameron's orange glasses

My son Cameron has been a little slow to pick things up at school. He was behind in both English and Maths and his attention span was incredible short.

After a school vision assessment at Park Vision he was provided with glasses incorporating an orange tint, prism and a small prescription to help his eyes work more effectively at close range.

These glasses have had an immediate and dramatic effect. His reading and writing are both improving rapidly and he is quickly catching up with the rest of the class. They have also helped improve his concentration levels, boosted his confidence and helped him with his maths as well.

I cannot speak highly enough of Park Vision and Michelle in particular. She takes time to explain everything, is always helpful and her caring nature makes you realise she has your child’s best interests at heart.

Stuart Burn, Founder & Director
Performance Finance
Amy's amazing story

Amy came to see Michelle in November 2010, although very bright, she was experiencing difficulties with her reading and written work.

After a thorough school vision assessment, Amy was prescribed specialised glasses including a prism and tint. She has been back to Park Vision several times now – her reading speed and accuracy have improved and she is much more willing to sit down and do her homework.

“The teachers are really pleased with her”, says mother Louise, “We have just had a glowing report at parents evening and her confidence is really growing.”

Amy’s younger brother, showing similar traits, is now in specialised glasses too. His reading has also dramatically improved.

“Amy has been such a pleasure to work with” says Michelle, “I cannot believe she has made such improvements in so short period of time – her results in the follow-up assessments have proven that the visual system is capable of being “reset”. I hope she continues to improve and reach her obvious potential”