To be the best, see better than the rest!
On the sporting field timing is everything......those few seconds determine a hit or a miss, a safe tackle or an injury, a win or a lose. The decision making behind all of our sporting actions is visual. Aim and anticipation contribute to 85% of play in any sport – we think we are seeing well – but are we ??

Sports Vision isn’t about what we can see on a standard letter chart in an optician’s examination room. Sport Vision considers speed and accuracy of focus, eye dominance, stability of the visual system, peripheral awareness and the overall efficiency of the two eyes working as an elite binocular system.

Sport Vision involves looking at the visual system in more detail and screening players/athletes in  dynamic 3D assessments. A bespoke report for each individual player is produced highlighting any visual concerns and recommendations. On an “average team screen” research has shown that 20% of players would benefit from visual enhancement.

Michelle qualified with distinction as a Sports Vision Practitioner in 2008. She has since worked with elite athletes and teams providing visual assessment, advice and training to players and coaches.
Precision fitting of Adidas sports eyewear
PRO-ACTIVE Vision Training
Take control of your game
The eyes are powered by muscles – why would you not train, balance and strengthen them?
For team vision screenings Michelle has joined forces with two very experienced Sports Vision Optometrists, Gavin Rebello and Ed Lyons. Their combined knowledge and expertise is essential for any team wishing to realise its true potential. See Team Vision for more information about Gavin Rebello and Ed Lyons.

The eyes are the control centre responsible for 85% of sporting activity. Athletes invest time in strength and fitness training to establish a solid core and a powerful body yet spend no time training their eye muscles.

If the visual system gives inaccurate information to your body - you will misjudge, make mistakes, and potentially get injured in your game.

Andy Savage


Nic Carter


Junior Sifa

Nottingham Rugby

Park Vision proudly sponsors Nottingham Rugby Club and Michelle is responsible for the Green & Whites having optimum vision at every kick off.

Following in the footsteps of the winning England World Cup Rugby team in 2003, which used vision training in the run up to the competition, Proactive vision screened the lads in August 2010. The players whose vision could be enhanced have been regular visitors to Park Vision since.

Fly Half/full back Cesar Sempere, thought his vision could not be improved - he was amazed to notice how much quicker his focussing could be after high performance contact lenses were fitted at Park Vision. My vision is so much better and I feel much less tired at the end of the game, especially in floodlit situations.

Gavin Rebello, Proactive Vision Training: “In the heat of a rugby game, players need to have good speed and accuracy of focus in regards to how fast the ball is travelling, good peripheral awareness in relation to other players around them, and of course depth perception when it comes to getting the ball through the posts.”

Andy Savage, a regular fixture in the Nottingham RFC team, commented: “Having just missed out on promotion to the Premier league last season, all the players are focused on maximising their performance this year and securing that promotion”

“Having had just one meeting with Proactive, they have already helped me understand how important vision is in all aspects of my game.”

“Following an assessment of my visual capability and explaining the importance of accurate binocular vision Michelle strongly recommended I wear high performance contact lenses when playing. Having not had much luck with contact lenses previously, I never thought to wear them on the rugby field.

However after being fitted with the lenses at Park Vision, I can’t believe the difference they’ve made. When playing, everything now seems as if it’s happening in slow motion. I have more time to react to the ball and it doesn’t seem to come at me as fast.”

Michelle is also currently working with Notts players Nic Carter, Finlay Barnham and Junior Sifa, maximising their visual potential and improving their game.

Northamptonshire County Cricket Club
PRO-ACTIVE travelled to Northampton to vision screen the academy and first team players in autumn 2010 and January 2011.

Following the success of England in the Ashes, Sky Sports showed up to interview the players and experience a sports vision assessment. The screening highlighted areas where peripheral vision could be enhanced and binocular stability sharpened under match conditions.

“It will be exciting to work with these talented players into the next season – cricket needs excellent focus and peripheral awareness - at Proactive Vision Training we are dedicated to helping them reach their peak performance.”