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Park Vision’s new Dry Eye Clinic

At Park Vision we strive to bring you the very best in eye care. Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disease is a passion of mine and I am very excited to bring the latest Dry Eye technology to Park Vision.


Dry Eye Disease (DED) affects people of all ages and occurs when there is insufficient volume and/or quality of tears to keep the eye sufficiently lubricated. Common symptoms of DED are watering, itchiness, burning, redness and irritation. It is a chronic and progressive disease meaning proper diagnosis and management is necessary to address it.


In England in 2014, over 6.4 million prescription items for artificial tears, ocular lubricants, and astringents were dispensed into the community, this figure is increasing with the use of modern digital devices, air-con and other environmental factors… there are some very sore, miserable eyes out there!


Artificial tears will temporarily alleviate the symptoms but… how do you know you are using the right drops for your Dry Eye??


And… do you actually know why you have Dry Eye??


A Dry Eye Assessment at Park Vision uses the latest technology to investigate your Dry Eye properly, we will show you why you are having problems and look at ways to improve your symptoms using the most advanced equipment in Nottingham.


Could a Park Vision Dry Eye Assessment help you?

Dry Eye Assessment