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Upcycling your Glasses

Do you have old frames that are in good condition but stuffed in a drawer somewhere because of a prescription change? Do you have frames that you can’t bring yourself to throw away but know in your heart of hearts you probably won’t wear them again?
You are not the only one. We all do… in fact mine are pictured with this post here.
To all those like minded frame hoarders out there, fear not, Park Vision has the answer. Bring in your old frames and be prepared to wow everyone once again by Upcycling them into sunglasses!! In this day and age we are more knowledgeable about looking after the planet, reducing waste and breathing new life into old clothes so why leave those preloved frames on the shelf?
As the sun is getting lower and we are heading towards darker evenings, we tend to think it’s time to put our sunglasses away. It’s actually exactly the opposite… This low light is responsible for a huge amount of car accidents during autumn and winter because the glare from road surfaces can be more blinding than the blaring sun during the summer. With the current sunglasses trend taking a turn towards metal frames and smaller acetate styles, we are all bound to have a frame that would look incredible with a Hoya gold/blue/phoenix mirror or just a brown/grey polarised lens. I for one have these five frames pictured that hold lots of memories and I couldn’t bare to give them up but now plan on turning into sunglasses. Bring on the winter sun, I am RE ROCKING these looks again.
Now, we massively support Vision Aid Overseas and believe there are always frames that will find a better home through this charity. But for the frames you just can’t give up because you love them why not turn them into your next new look?
Call us to find out more about our glasses up cycling or how to donate your glasses to Vision Aid Overseas.