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Can we improve your golf game?

If, like me, you want to keep fit and healthy, and you are always looking for ways to improve your performance or enjoyment in your chosen sport or activity, you will be pleased to hear that there are eyewear options that can help.

Golf is one of those sports that can benefit from improved eye performance. I’m not saying, or promising, you will suddenly be the next Tiger Woods, but as us golfers know, even the smallest improvements can make a huge difference to your game. This is why we spend large sums on a new putter or driver, why we try different makes or types of ball or even shoes.

Our eyes give us the most important part of any sport or activity, they help us judge speed, accuracy, timing and help us to see 3 dimensionally, improving that part of our performance surely is where we should start and invest in??



Oakley have been specializing in finding solutions to help get the best out of their professional golfers for many years, now you too can benefit from these amazing products, and at realistic prices.

Oakley PRIZM™ lens technology is designed to enhance color and contrast so you can see more detail.

Specifically designed for Golfers Oakley PRIZM™ GOLF* has been engineered to help you spot transitions between the fairway, fringe, and rough and gauge distance with accuracy to help you read the course. It helps you see the lie of your ball, the density of the grass on the fairway or rough in much more detail to allow to judge the shot. The run of the green becomes more obvious, giving a truer idea on how you should line up that hole winning put.

There are two Golf specific lenses, one for general conditions including those dreaded overcast days when you lose the ball in flight against the clouds, and the other a darker version for those sunny days.

You can get them in sports style frames, so you can interchange the lenses, depending on the conditions, or as more fashion led designs so you look even more stylish on the course and clubhouse.

What’s more, we can even do them in your prescription. We offer distance vision and Multifocal options, and there is even a Golf Specific multifocal option, specially designed for to elevate the issue some golfers have with tradition multifocal designs whilst still allowing you the ability to mark your new improved scores.

As Oakley Specialists and Ambassadors, we here at Park Vision we are happy to provide advice and show you what our sports specific products can do.


James Dawson

Dispensing Optician