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Author: Camilla Anderson

It's Macula May at Park Vision and we are celebrating with Maui Jim and MP-eye! From the 22nd to 29th May we are launching Macula week. Find out how much natural protection your eyes have against the most harmful light rays by getting your MP-eye score at Park Vision

Even before lockdown many people were spending an average of 8-10 hours a day looking at digital screens. An average day now consists of remote working, online ordering, zoom calls and webinars. We are starting to suffer more and more with digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome. Symptoms can present themselves after only two hours and may include irritated eyes, blurred vision and headaches. I am currently wearing Hoya’s third-generation enhanced single vision lens which is specifically designed to

All dressed up with nowhere to go? Don’t we all know the feeling this year.  Skype call after webinar after Zoom, followed by the weekly family and friends quiz on FaceTime or Houseparty… We thought we were starting to be near the end of this but unfortunately it looks like it could be carrying on for a while

Do you have old frames that are in good condition but stuffed in a drawer somewhere because of a prescription change? Do you have frames that you can’t bring yourself to throw away but know in your heart of hearts you probably won’t wear them again? You are not the only one. We all do

Is a highly airbrushed and filtered photo of the latest trendy super model in a pair of glasses the reason you want that frame? No. How often do you hear the phrase ‘I’d buy that if I could look like her/him’. Not only do we practice what we preach at Park Vision and regularly update our own glasses with our wardrobes and seasons, we also only use our patients in our adverts and displays. We know everyone can look great in glasses