Lindberg Bespoke

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Lindberg Bespoke

Have you ever had to sacrifice style for comfort? Well now you don’t have to.

Welcome to Lindberg: Uber cool; Uber light; and Bespoke

I have been a fan of a Lindberg ever since they first launched over 30 years ago. Way back in the early 90’s I was lucky enough to be one of the first in the UK to view and stock a new innovative and exiting brand of eyewear. This new concept put wearing comfort and durability above everything else, they were simple yet clever, stylish yet minimalistic.

Lindberg Bespoke

I have to admit, I am a bit of an awkward customer when it comes to eyewear. I have sensitive skin so certain materials aren’t viable, I can’t take much weight on the bridge of my nose due to my sinuses, I can’t wear frames with flexible spring sides because they pinch my head by the end of the day and I can be clumsy, so need something durable. This used to mean my choices were very limited, boring looking frames or rimless, not the best look for a fashion-conscious chap.

I am also very fussy, I like colour, but don’t want to look like Timmy Mallett, I like statement frames, but don’t want to look like either of the two Ronnies. So, I am hard to please, I either like the look but can’t wear it as its not comfortable, or love the comfort but wouldn’t be seen dead in it. So, I needed a brand that could give me both, what I wanted and needed.

Lindberg Bespoke

As a much younger Dispensing Optician, in the days where everyone wore the same thing and designers stuck everyone in thick black heavy frames, it was so refreshing to actually have someone think about their designs, and how the wearer would feel in them. It was great to be able to customize eyewear and offer something that no one else had seen. I still remember the excitement when our first delivery arrived, and how quickly our customers fell in love with their frames

When Lindberg was launched, I couldn’t wait to get my first pair, they were a deep navy blue, really thin wire, in a perfect oval shape. Ok so now they would look a little dated, although maybe actually quite retro (yes, I am old enough to be retro). I loved that frame, so much my next frame was the same but in silver, always good to have an alternative look, even if only in colour. I thought, finally I have found frames that fit with me in every sense. Since those first pairs, Lindberg is still the one brand, I get most excited to pick our new seasons collections.

Lindberg Bespoke

Lindberg have come so far in their designs, they are the most chosen brand of eyewear for celebrities, from the likes of Simon Cowell, Brad Pitt, Selena Gomez, Meryl Streep and Channing Tatum, you can even spot them on the newsreaders faces. They do really have a wow appeal, simple, sexy, dramatic, understated, with Lindberg they can be what you want them to be. One of my favourite aspects of Lindberg is the ability to Bespoke and choose your own combinations and create a truly individual pair of glasses.

Lindberg Bespoke

They have expanded on their simple very fine wire approach and have branched out with more exciting designs and incorporating other materials such as Acetate, N.O.W (their own light-weight thin plastics-based material) Buffalo Horn and even precious metals and Gem stones such as Gold, diamonds and rubies. The brand collections include, Spirit Rimless, Strip-Titanium, N.O.W, Acetanium, Horn, Precious and the classic Air and AirRim.

My love of the brand has continued through my many stages of spectacle wear, I always have at least one pair of Lindbergs that I wear more than my other frames. I am currently rocking a cool Lindberg N.O.W Aviator, I have it in black and gold and also in Translucent and silver (old habits die hard, like I said always good to have a different look, even if only in colour.) I also have my fun Hexagonal Strip-Titanium in silver and green, with an Aqua outline within the lens.

Lindberg Bespoke

As a wearer they are the most comfortable spectacles I have ever had and the ones I get the most compliments on, light, strong, fashionable, unique. I am sure, when you get a Lindberg of your own, you too will love them.

Here at Park Vision we can now introduce you to LINDBERG- Let us style you and help you design your perfect pair.

James Dawson,

Dispensing Optician, Park Vision Nottingham

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