Standing out in an online crowd

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Standing out in an online crowd

All dressed up with nowhere to go? Don’t we all know the feeling this year.

Skype call after webinar after Zoom, followed by the weekly family and friends quiz on FaceTime or Houseparty… We thought we were starting to be near the end of this but unfortunately it looks like it could be carrying on for a while…

How on earth are you supposed to stand out from the crowd in this new online environment? We have the answer at Park Vision, the 2020 wardrobe is an eyewear wardrobe! For me, a work meeting will bring out the crisp white shirt and my striking black Mauboussin frame, where as an evening with friends is my loose knit jumper and softer matt tortoiseshell Tom Davies bespoke with a cheeky flash of maroon and navy. If I am speaking with peers I will endeavour to wear the trendiest frames I own, both aviators, which will come as no surprise to many of our #ParkPeople as I am a huge fan of this style. Michelle and I are rarely without an aviator within arm’s reach these days.

Take a look at your glasses. Screen-shot your next Zoom meeting or catch up with friends… What do your glasses say about you? Do they give you the sense of style and polish you want to portray or do they suggest fluffy pj’s and a hot chocolate are within minutes of the call ending. Do they say fabulous or do they say old faithful?

At Park Vision we always maintain that no-one (not even my very handsome but a little less fashion conscious partner) would wear the same pair of shoes for gardening, a wedding, dinner out or a Sunday stroll. So why do we wear the same eyewear? As your face is more closely scrutinised on a big screen, keep your appearance on trend with frames that you are proud to wear, are specific for different moods and not simply the same old frame for every occasion.

We offer personal style consultations where a member of the Park Vision team is dedicated to you for the whole appointment in a relaxed and safe environment, coffee in hand, enabling you decide how you want to portray yourself online as we move into 2021…