Why am I tired as soon as I pick up a book?

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Why am I tired as soon as I pick up a book?

Why am I tired as soon as I pick up a book? Am I blinking to make the words clearer?.. Are winter eyes your reading demise?

Winter is here and we all know this is the perfect time of year to curl up with your favourite tipple and a book. One part of creating the best environment to relax and disappear into a book is to have soft lighting away from a window and next to a cracking fire… Perfect to relax, nightmare to read!

The issue we have is that getting ‘cosy’ has the exact opposite effect on our vision. Once we reach the age where reading needs a little more help from glasses the bright summer months are great but winter means we really start to struggle. This doesn’t mean your vision has suddenly become worse, it means the conditions that used to make reading easy have been reversed and the change in prescription that the summer months has allowed you to ‘ignore’ is now really becoming apparent. It isn’t always your vision that is to blame for this struggle though, older books with less defined type can be harder to read as the more mature eye takes on a yellowing of the internal lens of the eye reducing contrast and affecting colour perception. Perfectly natural that the book will age… so does the reader. By continuing to ‘muddle through’ there is far more damage being done to your eyes in the long run. Eye strain is a key component to your prescription becoming worse sooner rather than later. Do we either sit under Daylight Lamps and feel like we are about to be beamed up to meet Scotty or do we reach for the phone and book an eye examination? I know which one I would rather.

Another key element in reduced vision this winter can be from the simple act of putting the heating on. Dry Eyes have been a manageable (occasionally debilitating) inconvenience and the general treatment for years has been to prescribe eye drops. This has been a ‘one size fits all’ approach to a problem that has numerous different causes and at Park Vision we find the cause before we decide on the treatment. On many occasions we have found the cause of eye strain and subsequently dry eye can even be down to a glasses prescription lacking key elements such as Prism but we also have a treatment called IRPL (Intense Regulated Pulsed Light Therapy), a world innovation for DED, Dry Eye Disease. More information can be found on our website or by calling us on 01159500051.

Park Vision - Our Glasses Studio

At Park Vision we pride ourselves, not only on the latest technology but also on attention to detail. Once you step foot inside our beautiful glasses boutique you will have a dedicated team member spending as much time with you as necessary from eye examination to style consultation. Many highstreet opticians take more of a conveyor belt approach to eyecare seeing your ‘numbers’ as the important part of the visit. At Park Vision the most important part is you…

Your time is precious and we hope every second at Park Vision is as enjoyable as it is informative… we also have the friendliest and most welcoming team, an exceptional bean to cup coffee machine, and we top it all off with a special Park Vision chocolate!

Just a few reasons why Park Vision recently won Independent Practice of the Year!!

Optician Awards 2021 - Park Vision receives "Independent Practice Award"