What is the Macular?

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The MP-eye…

Regular eye exams are vital to maintaining your vision and overall health. Park Vision offers the MP-eye and Optomap®, integral parts of our Advanced Eyecare Examinations.

What is the Macular?

The Macular is the most sensitive part of the retina where all our detailed central vision takes place. Macular pigments sit just in front of the Macula and help to protect it. We are born with these protective pigments but genetics play a role in the amount we get.

We can also deplete them with too much exposure to violet-blue light from the sun and digital devices, smoking and a diet lacking in antioxidants. Generating too few macula pigments increase our risk of Age Related Macula Degeneration (ARMD) and can also lead to problems with contrast and glare.

Good sun protection will also help protect the face, lens and cornea from harmful UV light which are, of course contributing factors of cataracts and cancer.

Find out how much natural protection your eyes have against the most harmful light rays by getting your MP-eye score at Park Vision… we can also discuss the best ways to try and improve your score and protect your eyes for the future.

The Optomap

Park Vision is one of very few practices in the UK that has an Optomap.

This incredible piece of “eye-kit” produces an image that is unique and provides us with a high-resolution 200° image to check the health of your retina. This is much wider than a traditional 45° image.


Many eye problems can develop without you knowing – in fact, you may not even notice any change in your sight.

“Without the Optomap I never would have detected the malignant melanoma in my patients eye. He had great vision and was asymptomatic. The Optomap image picked up the change in his peripheral retina and we caught it early. The patient has been treated and recovered well, this machine saved his eye and his health”

Michelle Beach, Optometrist and Owner, Park Vision

Fortunately, diseases or damage such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal tears or detachments, and other health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure, can be seen with a thorough examination of the retina.

With traditional, small-field, and even widefield retinal imaging, only 10-100⁰ of the retina can be captured in a single image. Optomap is the only true, clinically validated, ultra-widefield retinal image than can capture 82% or 200⁰ of the retina, in a single capture, in each imaging modality – an increase of 50% over the next closest imaging device.

At Park Vision we will show you these amazing images and take the time to explain your eye health.

“Using the Optomap is like looking into another galaxy inside the patients eye, the images are incredible and take examining the retina to another level”

Michelle Beach, Optometrist and Owner, Park Vision

The Optomap is fast, easy, and comfortable for patients of all ages.

“I would highly recommend having Optomap Ultra-widefield retinal imaging as part of your sight test. Over the years it has helped me detect and diagnose many eye conditions.” -

Vikesh Raikundalia Optometrist at Park Vision

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