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For those of you that might be reading this… Staring at your computer or iPad/phone… Are you suffering with: Light sensitivity Poor night vision Irritated eyes Tired eyes Headaches Blurred vision Or even neck strain? I was pleased to be invited to take part in a recent round table discussion hosted by Chris Bennett at Optician magazine and sponsored by Hoya. I feel that DES is a huge problem and regularly discuss symptoms with my patients. With the pressures of work by day

At Park Vision we strive to bring you the very best in eye care. Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disease is a passion of mine and I am very excited to bring the latest Dry Eye technology to Park Vision.   Dry Eye Disease (DED) affects people of all ages and occurs when there is insufficient volume and/or quality of tears to keep the eye sufficiently lubricated. Common symptoms of DED are watering, itchiness, burning, redness and irritation. It is a chronic

All of you know to put sunscreen on your children to avoid them burning on those beach / garden days, but why do we forget about their eyes? We are used to seeing occasional burnt red shoulders but just because we don’t see the damage to the eyes, why don’t we protect them too?  The level of awareness is just not the same with respect to eyes and damage caused by excessive sun exposure which becomes a risk factor for the

How to fuel our eye health… There has been research in America recently that suggests that poor diet is now the world's biggest killer, even over smoking. Let that sink in… Did you know that your eyes need fuel too? Your eye health is dependent upon your overall health so, put simply, you ‘reap what you sew’. As everyone knows, if you choose to eat badly and treat your body badly then you will suffer in the long run.    People often believe