Prescription Lenses

Prescription Lenses

It’s no good leaving a practice in fabulous new frames if your vision is compromised by poor quality lenses. That will never happen at Park Vision.

As an independent practice, we’re not commercially tied to any particular lens partners. That means we’re free to advise you which lens is genuinely best suited to your prescription and lifestyle.

Our favourite lenses for superior quality, choice and guarantees are from Hoya. We have had a fantastic working relationship with Hoya for nearly ten years and consider them second to none for their superior lenses and glazing workmanship.


We’re also supported by some of the best independent lens technicians and have chosen Shepshed Optics as our glazing laboratory for specialist lenses such as the school vision tints and sports wrap lenses. Their industry expertise is second to none and we have a great working relationship with Clifford Austen and his team.

Look at the benefits:

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