School Vision

School Vision looks at the way the visual system responds to near vision tasks

When we read our eyes need to work together in “binocular harmony” and focus at a much shorter working distance. One of our eyes needs to establish the lead (dominate) and “aim” at the image, then stabilise it in order for the information to be processed.

School Vision Assessment is not fully covered under the NHS eye test.

An initial assessment takes about an hour it includes a full eye examination and further, more detailed eye tests, to determine how the eyes work together binocularly. Eye dominance, hand-eye coordination, tracking, ocular muscle imbalances and coloured tints for visual stress and neural processing are all investigated and corrected.

If there is binocular “disharmony” between the eyes or problems in establishing eye dominance the visual processing breaks down and confusion occurs causing;

Sports vision and school vision has been strongly linked. Research demonstrates a strong correlation between the eye muscles, hand eye co-ordination and academic performance. Coloured filters and tests using specialist reading charts and diagnostic equipment have been proven to drastically help the dyslexic or dyspraxic child or even those that are finding reading and school work challenging.

School vision works with children or adults who may be finding reading or occupational work difficult. The school vision assessment re-establishes stable binocular vision, reinforces eye dominance and aims to improve all aspects of learning. Michelle is one of the few certified School Vision Optometrists in the country.

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Are you an adult reading this thinking you share the same problems? Park Vision offers Workplace Vision Assessments for those of you having visual problems. Read more about Workplace Vision.


My eldest son now 11 has been having school vision assessments since he was 9. Although he has dyslexia and has had regular eye tests with opticians in the past he was never told he needed glasses. The school vision assessment amazed me! He was 12 seconds faster at reading with the lenses provided by Michelle. Before having his glasses he was reluctant to read. His glasses have enabled him to focus accurately and enjoy reading. His school work has improved because his eyes are not tired from struggling to focus.

My daughter now 7 was picked up by the health visitor aged 18 months for having a lazy eye. She was later discharged from the hospital and told she didn't require glasses. When reading with her I noticed she was reluctant and often lost her place on the page. This was hindering her progress at school and confidence. The school vision assessment determined she needed tinted lenses and prisms. The difference has been fantastic!


After my children were diagnosed with dyslexia, there is a realisation that sets in that help is there, but appears to be for only the few, only lucky ones seem to be able to access it. Some educational facilities eg; your child's school accepts that there is a problem and to why your child is falling behind, they appear to only supply you with complete apathy without giving any support. As a parent it becomes a battle and uphill struggle to be able to be an effective participant in getting help with your child's education.

Park Vision literally opens the windows of relief, providing a reassuring arm for those parents who have hit rock bottom with despair, there is a feeling like you're hitting a wall of resistance with the education system. Park Vision is such an open avenue to help, and even when I was an adult learner who has to take on further education through work and who has struggled through adult learning, Michelle and her expert team have guided me as a mature student taking me through the school vision eye test like my children, at 46 yrs old it proved to me that you can also have a hidden problem and you're never too old to get help, a real family affair.

Park Vision is a very competitive supplier of not only the correct fashionable eye wear, but is a great font of knowledge that cannot be matched anywhere else in the field of optometry to date, remember you get what you pay for.

The Judson family
Archie, school vision testimony

The glasses that Michelle gave Archie earlier this term have been a revelation. His work ethic, concentration, writing and reading ability have all made a dramatic improvement and this improvement was instantaneous.

When asked on day one of having received his glasses what they were like, he said, "it's so much easier now Mummy"! Need I say anymore!

Amelia Murray

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