Standard Eye Examination

Private / NHS

At Park Vision you are important and so is your eye examination!

Each eye examination takes between 30 minutes to an hour and will be conducted entirely by Michelle or Vikesh, you won’t be passed along a conveyor belt! This is important to make sure the tests are done properly with knowledge and accuracy.

Your eye examination may include a wide variety of tests, including an assessment of visual acuity, binocular vision measurement, eye health checks by direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy, objective and subjective refractions, visual field examination, eye pressure measurement, pupil dilation with drops, colour vision testing, depth perception and tests for macular function (central vision).

The cost of a private examination is currently £60.00 or £38.29 if eligible for an NHS eye examination:

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Or to fully understand the health of your eyes and for a bespoke management plan for maintaining eyecare, health and great vision, view our Advanced Optometry options here.