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If, like me, you want to keep fit and healthy, and you are always looking for ways to improve your performance or enjoyment in your chosen sport or activity, you will be pleased to hear that there are eyewear options that can help. Golf is one of those sports that can benefit from improved eye performance. I'm not saying, or promising, you will suddenly be the next Tiger Woods, but as us golfers know, even the smallest improvements can make a huge difference to your game. This is why we spend large sums on a new putter or driver, why we try different makes

Do you have old frames that are in good condition but stuffed in a drawer somewhere because of a prescription change? Do you have frames that you can’t bring yourself to throw away but know in your heart of hearts you probably won’t wear them again? You are not the only one. We all do

All of you know to put sunscreen on your children to avoid them burning on those beach / garden days, but why do we forget about their eyes? We are used to seeing occasional burnt red shoulders but just because we don’t see the damage to the eyes, why don’t we protect them too?  The level of awareness is just not the same with respect to eyes and damage caused by excessive sun exposure which becomes a risk factor for the