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Dry Eye Assessment

Treatments for Dry Eye Disease (DED) at Park Vision.

Following your DED Assessment a complete treatment plan will be advised and recommended, it may take the form of:

1. Home care management plan.

Using the right drops, the right heat masks, the right eye-lid cleansers are important to combating DED. Diagnosing the cause of the problem is essential to treatment. All of the above assessments are necessary for the correct advice in successful dry eye treatment.

You will leave with a tailor-made eye care regime and a follow-up appointment will be booked for 6 weeks later to re-assess and measure results.

2. Blephex Treatment.

(If the Dry Eye Assessment diagnoses blepharitis)


Blepharitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the eyelids caused by an overgrowth of normal bacteria living along the lid and base of the eyelashes. It is a common condition that can affect one in three people in the UK. Anyone can get blepharitis but the prevalence increases with age as we make fewer natural antibodies in our tears.

Common symptoms of Blepharitis: Itchy or scratchy eyes, foreign body sensation, tearing, crusting, redness/inflammation, dry eyes and eye rubbing.

A Blephex treatment breaks the problematic vicious cycle of blepharitis by completely removing the inflammatory extoxin-laden biofilm on the lid margins. Blepharitis means lid inflammation, not always crusting, dandruff and scurf on the lashes. Therefore, significant inflammatory blepharitis may be present without the presence of debris along the lash line. The invisible bio-film layer on the lid margin is where the bacteria and exotoxins lie and cause the annoying problem of inflammation: sore, red, itchy and uncomfortable eye-lids.

By thoroughly cleaning this area and eliminating the inflammatory aetiology of blepharitis, the overall health of the eyelid is improved. Patients should then begin to produce more of their own better quality tears. Chronic and irritating symptoms associated with dry eye disease and blepharitis should disappear.

A Blephex treatment at Park Vision lasts about 45 minutes. Your dry eye will be assessed first and then the whole eye area will be treated with moist heat, the Blephex procedure, followed by drops and dry heat. A post Blephex video slit-lamp examination will assess how successful the treatment has been. Every patient will leave with a lid-hygiene regime to adhere to and a follow-up appointment will be made to monitor progress

3. IRPL (Intense Regulated Pulsed Light Therapy)

E-Eye World Innovation for Dry Eye Syndrome

E-Eye is the first medical device in the world using IRPL® (Intense Regulated Pulsed Light) that has been specifically designed for the treatment of dry eye due to Meibomian glands dysfunction (MGD).

How does it work?

E-Eye does not directly affect the Meibomian glands. Its action is indirect. The “flashed” areas (buborbital and zygomatic region) are the areas where the parasympathetic nerve passes.

It has been proven in several neurological studies that the emission on a nerve of infrared as a train of pulses leads to the creation of a micro gradient of temperature between the inner and the outer layer of the myelin sheath.

This micro gradient of temperature triggers the liberation of neurotransmitters. Automatically, the parasympatic nerve is connected to the Meibomian glands by some of its branches. The neurotransmitters released will then be able to interact with the glands, stimulating the secretion and the contraction of the latter.

As a result the dry lipid layer will have a natural flow of lipid and the tears evaporation will be reduced, preventing the eyes to get dry. The Meibomian glands will return to their normal functions.

It is recommended that Activa treatment (see below) is used alongside the IRPL for patient comfort and instant relief.

4. Activa

Activa - treatment for Dry Eye Disease

A natural way to significantly improve tear stability is to increase Meibomian gland output - this means your eyes stay lubricated and symptom-free longer, as nature intended.

A clinically proven mechanical method to de-cap and stimulate Meibomian glands is applying heat at a very specific temperature and to massage the melted oil out of the glands. This procedure unclogs your glands and stimulate the natural production of oils to keep your eyes lubricated.

Activa is the innovative eye-mask providing a complete heating and automatic squeezing technology in a fast and painless single device.

Patients typically notice a distinct improvement in comfort and a significant reduction in their dry eye symptoms in the first month of use. It is effective on meibomian glands disfunction associated with tear film evaporation.

Activa benefits:


Just had my second treatment of I.P.L and it was as fast and totally pain-free as the first! I’ve been totally amazed at how effective the treatment has been already, even though I still have 2 treatments remaining. After my first session, my eyes felt better- virtually overnight. They felt much more comfortable and the gritty, sore feeling had disappeared. Since the first treatment, my eyes haven’t itched, I haven’t felt the need for eye-drops and I haven’t needed to use my heated eye-mask (which I was using at least twice a day prior to treatment!)

I am extremely pleased with the results and my eyes feel “normal”, which is INCREDIBLE! Thanks Michelle!’

Carolyn Parry

A huge thank you to Michelle for diagnosing and giving me a treatment plan for my dry eye syndrome. Having been to eye casualty and another optician and having had this problem with my eye for 18 months, it was great to have such a through assessment and explanation by Michelle and have now started a treatment that is already helping with the symptoms. I do a lot of walking so not having a streaming eye has been such a relief!

Sarah Hughes