Eye Examinations

Private Eye Examination

Having a regular eye examination is an important part of staying on top of your health. Every pair of eyes are unique, so we always take a personalised approach.

Even if your eyes and vision feel good, it’s important to have regular examinations - at least every two years - to pick up on signs of change. Early detection means we can manage or treat any conditions before they become a problem.

Our eye examinations cost £65, taking around 30 minutes to complete, and you'll be guided through what we're doing and checking at each stage.

If you’re concerned about your eyes or vision for any reason, please don’t wait - get in touch and we’ll be happy to see you as soon as possible.

At Park Vision we always advise our patients to have a Private or Advanced Eye Examination but we do take off the NHS sight test voucher if you meet one of the following criteria:

The above eligibility entitles you to a £23.53 reduction making a Private £41.47 and an Advanced £71.47 - read further information about Advanced Eye Examinations.

Alternatively, if you are just wanting the basic NHS sight test without Optomap or OCT we will happily process this fully on an NHS voucher for you. Please make sure you advise us upon booking your appointment, as timings range from 20 minutes to 45minutes depending on how in-depth you would like your eye care to be.

Stay in control of your eye health with a regular eye examination.