Eye Examinations

Contact Lenses

Whether you lead an active lifestyle or simply enjoy changing up your look, contact lenses can offer you the flexibility and freedom from frames.

Monthly lenses, daily disposables, rigid gas permeables - when it comes to contact lenses, the advancements in technology means that the choice available is endless. Each type of lens comes with its own unique features and suitability, and so it ultimately comes down to making the right choice for your own visual and lifestyle requirements.

When it comes to fitting and advice on getting the most from your contacts, our expert team is here to help.

During your contact lens appointment, we’ll discuss and assess your needs and visual requirements to select the most suitable type for you. We have access to every brand and type on the market, and keep up to date with the latest releases on the market.

We also recycle your old contact lens packets as part of a scheme, and the money we make is donated to a local charity. We will be working with this charity for the foreseeable future so watch this space for a video but for now we have raised £500 for them.

As well as daily and monthly soft lenses, Park Vision has been accredited in speciality contact lens fitting including:

For more convenience, flexibility and freedom, talk to us about trying contact lenses.

Kid’s Contact Lenses

We believe it’s important for children to have the same choice as adults when it comes to eyewear. For little ones who enjoy a very active lifestyle, contact lenses can be a great solution to some of the barriers that wearing frames can bring.

With the correct fitting and guidance, we’re able to provide the support and knowledge to you and your child in confidently managing the use of contact lenses.

For Short Sighted Children there is the option of Myopia Management lenses.