Park Vision Points

We have been quietly working away behind the scenes on a way to say 'Thank You' to all our wonderful #ParkPeople!

We have always been thrilled that so many of our new patients come to us following recommendations from our Park People and we have always wanted a way to show our appreciation...

From the 1st March 2021 we were proud to introduce PVPOINTS! An exclusive reward scheme which enables you to build points to spend in our beautiful glasses studio. To start, simply refer a new patient to join our Park People and you will be rewarded with 25 PVPOINTS. These will be added to your personal account (25 points = £25!). New ways to be awarded PVPOINTS will be announced over the coming months...

These points will accrue over time and as, and when, you would like a new pair of glasses or sunglasses the amount will be deducted from the balance you pay at Park Vision.

You will be notified of awarded points by email with a link to a personal account page, but don't worry if you miss it, your accrued points will stay there until you're ready to spend!

We will also attach a hashtag #PVPOINTS to our latest PVEYE blog which will mean any new and ‘blog worthy’ information will be added to the bottom of your account page. This will give you great ideas on how to spend your PVPOINTS.