Advanced Assessments

Workplace Vision

Ever had a headache at the end of a long day in front of the screen, or felt like your concentration just wasn’t there? Workplace vision concerns are becoming more and more common.

With the majority of jobs now focused around plentiful hours of screen time each day, vision in the workplace has become a topic of concern for many of our patients. If you have a visual imbalance or are using incorrect eyewear, hours spent at a screen each day can result in eye strain, headaches, gritty eyes, difficulty following text and poor concentration.

If computer screens and paperwork are causing you problems, you may benefit from a Workplace Vision Assessment.

You could benefit from a Workplace Vision Assessment if you’re suffering from any of the following:

We start with a full eye assessment, then go beyond the standard letter chart test to look at eye dominance, hand-eye coordination, tracking, ocular muscle imbalances for signs of visual stress, and to check your neural processing is working effectively.

Our Workplace Vision Assessments cost £195, taking around 1 hour to complete. Follow up assessments cost £95.