Eye Examinations

Advanced Eye Examination

Your eyes deserve only the very best, so why not take a more detailed look at the windows to your world with the latest in eye assessment technology?

Whilst a standard eye examination covers the basic tests required to assess eye and vision health, we understand that a more detailed and thorough assessment from time to time can bring added reassurance and peace of mind. Our advanced eye examinations enable us to fully understand the health of your eyes, and to create a bespoke management plan for maintaining great eyecare, health and vision.

Learn more about the latest Optomap technology we use at Park Vision.

It’s also worth considering an advanced eye examination if you have a family history of glaucoma, macular degeneration, other eye problems, heart or vascular disease, or if:

As part of an advanced assessment, you’ll access investigative techniques and state-of-the-art technology that isn’t available within a standard eye test.

We’ll review the findings and together with you, create a tailored eye health plan that clearly details how to take the very best care of your eyes, along with any recommendations of follow-up appointments to review your progress.

Our advanced eye examinations take around 45 minutes and cost £95 for this peace of mind, or £71.47 if you meet the eligibility for an NHS eye examination:

Look into your eyes more closely than ever before with our Advanced Eye Examination.