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Dry Eye Assessment

Do watery, itchy, or burning eyes at the end of a day sound familiar? These are all symptoms of dry eye, an increasingly common condition in people of all ages.

Dry eye occurs when there is an impairment of the tear film, creating an insufficient amount of tears to keep the eye surface lubricated. For those who suffer, dry eye is a chronic and progressive disease, meaning early diagnosis and proper management is vital.

Dry eye drops can be easily purchased from a pharmacy or prescribed by your GP - but these only temporarily manage the symptoms. A proper assessment of your eyes will allow prompt treatment and alleviation of symptoms.

At Park Vision we offer the latest technology and treatments to effectively investigate, treat and manage dry eyes.

From Blephex to IRPL we endeavour to provide the very latest and very best solutions.

Following a conversation to understand any medical, environmental or lifestyle factors that may be attributing to dry eye, we’ll take a closer look, including assessing your lid structure, tear film and blink dynamics. We’ll also collect a tear drop sample which helps us to provide you with the most effective eye drop prescription.

Discover relief from this irritating condition with our Dry Eye Assessment.

The cost of a Dry Eye Assessment is £250.

Treatment costs:

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