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KUDOS launch event - you're invited!

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KUDOS launch event - you're invited!

Park Vision would like to invite you to the exclusive launch of Kudos on:

Thursday 29th February; 10 am - 7 pm.

As the first in the UK to introduce this technology, we feel extremely honoured to be able to share this experience with our Park People!

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The way in which your eyes actually view the world will be different to others. Although our current lens solutions are perfectly tailored to individual needs - sometimes a fully personalised approach is necessary.

Kudos allows us to bespoke lenses; using virtual reality (VR) to track your head and eye movements, plotting your results onto a heat map.

Your heat map is then used to create a varifocal lens, uniquely designed using your personal gaze dynamics.

3d view from within KUDOS headset - KUDOS analyses your heatmaps KUDOS - in store now KUDOS creates your bespoke lens

What to expect on launch day?

WIN a pair of polarised sunglasses, created completely by you, up to a value of £1,000!

Book your KUDOS experience today, and begin crafting your varifocals

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