Sports Vision

At Park Vision we encourage all our patients to have the best vision possible to enjoy their sporting activities…

We are very experienced at giving you advice on sports goggles for swimming, skiing, and rugby. The best tints for cycling, golfing or fishing and the best wrap lens so peripheral vision is optimum.

Sports Vision Assessments

On the sporting field timing is everything… Those few seconds determine a hit or a miss, a safe tackle or an injury, a win or a lose. The decision making behind all of our sporting actions is visual.

‘85% of sporting decisions in play are based on what the athlete sees.’

Sports Vision isn’t about what we can see on a standard letter chart in an optician’s examination room. Sport Vision considers speed and accuracy of focus, eye dominance, stability of the visual system, peripheral awareness and the overall efficiency of the two eyes working as an elite binocular system.

Sport Vision involves looking at the visual system in more detail and screening players/ athletes in dynamic 3D assessments. A bespoke report for each individual player is produced highlighting any visual concerns and recommendations. On an “average team screen” research has shown that 20% of players would benefit from visual enhancement.

At Park Vision a Sports Vision Assessment will include looking at:

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