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Contact Lenses

There are a number of different types of contact lenses currently available, each with their own unique features and suitability. At Park Vision we have access to every brand and type on the market and keep updated with the latest releases on the market.

When you come for your appointment we’ll discuss and assess your needs and visual requirements and select the most suitable type for your eyes.

At Park Vision we regularly fit soft daily disposables, monthly lenses, astigmatic lenses and rigid gas permeable lenses to name a few!

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Children and Contact Lenses

Many optometrists and contact lens fitters do not encourage contact lens wear in children under 16 years. At Park Vision we believe children manage lenses very well gaining immense confidence. This is especially true if they are playing sport or on stage and want to continue improving. Sports in glasses can be difficult: peripheral vision and reaction times can be compromised.

There is no age limit on lens wear at Park Vision as we prefer to look at each individual child and family on a case by case basis, our youngest, most successful wearers are around 8 years old!

Multifocal contact lenses

Fed up with reading glasses perched on your head….the end or your nose…?

Multifocal lenses do not work like varifocal lenses and allow an amazing alternative visual experience and a break from glasses. At Park Vision we love glasses but they are not always the most convenient option. Using smart phones during sports, reading a menu on a night out, being able to wear normal sunglasses on holiday are a great reason to try varifocal contact lenses.

Over half of the new lens fittings at Park Vision are for multifocals. We use many different brands and will persevere to get you fitted with the best lens choices for your eyes.